About us

We love all things Yarra Valley and our name ‘Yarra Farm Fresh’ echoes our philosophy of locally grown, fresh and seasonal produce – directly from the farms to you.

about us

Who We Are

Our shop is the brainchild of founder, Anita Jackson.  Since Anita threw open the doors to the tractor shed for a handful of customers in December 2006, the shop has evolved and grown into the Yarra Valley food mecca that it is today.

We stuck a sign out on the road back then, announcing “Farm Fresh Cherries” and within minutes of the sign going up, we greeted our first customer, Paul.  He asked on that first day: ‘what else can you get from the area?’ Well, the rest is history!

Originally, the shop was only a humble old work bench in the corner of the tractor shed, and a couple of us wearing bum bags, selling apples and cherries and their juices.

It has always been Anita’s passionate vision and mission to offer customers something unique: the freshest produce straight from the farm, while at the same time supporting local growers, farming families and regional businesses.

Plants at Yarra Farm Fresh

We are advocates of supporting the local economy and our local staff and customers are the backbone of our success.  We work with local businesses for our printing, accounting, graphic design, signs, and packaging as well!

You will always find good quality, regional and seasonal produce at Yarra Farm Fresh, with prices that reflect each season’s bounty and our support of our local suppliers.

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