Seasonal produce

Step into a colourful world of delicious and seasonal fresh food at Yarra Farm Fresh.

Select from quality produce we’ve sourced from local farmers and boutique growers, and enjoy the very best the valley has to offer.  November until February is our famous cherry season.  We specialize in cherry varieties and you can enjoy tasting the two or three different varieties on offer every day!  We are committed to freshness, so fruits and vegetables often arrive in our shop just hours after harvesting!

Our regular customers enjoy the connection with the local farmers and feel secure in the knowledge that their food is grown in the valley, and that they are supporting local farming.

seasonal veggies


The beginning of Spring is marked by the arrival of Gino’s Big Fat tomatoes, Eddie’s Strawberries and Maggie’s Garlic along with lots of other offerings, including delicious cherries in late October.


Right through summer, local growers arrive daily, bringing in their just-picked, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, including luscious cherries, berries, apricots, peaches and other stone fruit.

Strawberries Yarra Valley

Autumn and Winter:

Autumn is fig season, where customers get in early for the plumpest of ‘Gavin’s figs’, delicious quinces, and the freshest walnuts. Even winter brings fruit and veggie offerings from local growers, such as rhubarb, apples and amazing heirloom pumpkins.

Print our seasonal calendar for monthly harvest timing and join our newsletter to keep up to date with all arrivals of new produce, shop news, availability and specials.

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