Anita’s Rocket & Walnut Pesto

As we have plentiful shelled walnuts in season, the other night I took a pack of rocket and a bag of walnuts home. When I make pesto I don’t use garlic as the garlic can be added to the individual dish later.

In a blender place chop up parmesan cheese, or if its already grated add it at the end. Set parmesan aside. In blender chop up two or three single handfuls of freshly shelled walnuts (or almonds or cashews). Set aside Walnuts. Place all the rocket leaves in the blender, a good pinch of salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt, sold at YFF in a grinder) drizzle in some olive oil.  Run the blender until the leaves begin to chop, stop and add back in the parmesan and walnuts. Turn on the blender on low speed. Add olive oil as needed to bring pesto into the right consistency. Remove from Blender into a container.

If not using right away, pack it down tightly and add some olive oil to sit on top while in the fridge to help keep the bright green colour. We love this pesto – what a healthy way to increase your greens!

For an easy and delicious dish, add this pesto to Yarra Valley Pasta (we have a whole selection in the shop) and toss in some freshly chopped tomato or red capsicum – yum!

pesto picYarraValleyPasta

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